Patriotic Summer Décor

Patriotic Summer Décor

The 4th of July is probably my second favorite holiday, after Christmas. I love summer time and hanging outside on summer evenings. And the 4th is that plus family, food, and fireworks. I love listening to classic rock while eating hotdogs as the breeze is blowing the smell of gun powder around. I’m just really into the whole Americana, vintage, young summer feel, so when I start seeing all of the 4th of July home décor out in stores, I get very excited to do some holiday decorating. We are hosting a cookout at our home this year to celebrate the 4th, so I’ll be getting some themed party decorations (plates, table covers, balloons, etc.), but this post will focus on the general patriotic pieces that I’ve put out.

The event will mostly outside on our deck, so we’ll have decorations out there, but I’ve also already been putting up some general patriotic décor pieces around the main areas of our home. It may seem like a little too much, but I feel like summertime is patriotic time, and this décor will roughly be up from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It’s more seasonal décor rather than a specific holiday, so I’m going to get a good, long use out of it.

The first things I want to share are pillows. Pillows are a great, fast way to make an impact seasonally and even just generally for everyday décor. I like that because they’re a focal point on our couches; they’re in the open for everyone to easily see. I found some really cute ones these past few weeks from a couple different places, and I’m very happy with how they all look together.

patriotic pillows, summer home decor

Red brave pillow – Lowes

Chevron Pillow – DIY

Firework pillow – Michaels

Flag pillow – Cost Plus World Market

Est. 1776 pillow – Michaels

I’ve played around with them a bit, but this is how I currently have them styled.

patriotic pillows flag pillow, chevron patriotic pillow red, white, and blue pillows, home decor

The chevron pillow case was inspired by a picture I came across on Pinterest. I prefer the bow and larger chevron pattern that are in the original picture, but mine cost me $3 to make. I bought two red chevron fat quarters from Wal-Mart for $1 each, and then added a chair bow from the Dollar Tree ($1) to serve as the bow. It was super easy, and I didn’t have to tie my own bow. I slipped the cover over my existing couch pillow and added the bow around it, and that was that.

The next things are little American flags. I bought two 3 packs from the dollar section in Target and I’ve just stuck them all around the house, mostly in plants. Simple. Easy. Cute.

American flag, cotton, home decor American flag decor Amreican flag, 4th of July decor American flag, patriotic decor

These stars are so simple, but I think they’re adorable. I love wood pieces and I especially love how these have that rustic Americana look, yet they’re still so basic. I found these ones at Michaels. They were a little pricey for what they are, but I purchased them while they were 50% off and got to use an additional coupon on top of that. They’re also something that would be extremely easy to DIY. It would just take some plain wooden star shapes, paint, and sandpaper. In fact, I would love something like this in pumpkin and Christmas tree shapes as well, so maybe I’ll have to try making some for other seasons...

rustic wooden stars, 4th of July decor

I put them on our sofa table, and I think they go great with the wooden sign I have there.

4th of July decor 4th of July home decor, rustic decor

Along with the stars and the little American flag I stuck in the cotton, I strung up some lights ($3 section of Target) to finish off the table.

4th of July, red white and blue stars, string lights

When we were house hunting last year, I remember that a front porch is something I was adamant about having, and it was mostly because of patriotic bunting. Whenever I drove past a house with the red, white, and blue bunting strung across the front porch, I would always think of how I would definitely love to have that on my own house one day. It just screams summer to me, and now I’m lucky enough to have some gracing my own front porch. These that I got came in a pack of 2 (I bought 3 packs), and were also pretty pricey in my opinion at $20 a pack. They’re from Michaels and are made of fabric, not the plastic material like those outdoor Christmas bow. The fabric bunting was more expensive than the plastic one, but I preferred the look of this one, and I thought it would hold up better. I most definitely want to have this to use for several years. It’s been up now for about a month, and so far they’ve held up through any wind and rain we’ve had.

red white and blue flag bunting for 4th of July

I was in Wal-Mart, and I found that they carry one of the same exact bunting styles as Michaels for cheaper. They also have a triangle flag print made from plastic that’s a much more inexpensive, cost effect, and nice option. Something like that would be great to put as a border around a food table for a cookout in lieu of a table cloth or to dress up a plain table cloth.

While I was at the Dollar Tree one day, I found these metal star yard stakes and thought they’d be perfect lining the walkway. They’re not the best quality, but for $1 a piece, you can’t beat it. They’re shaped like stars, but they also remind me of pinwheels. I felt like a glutton at the checkout counter because I had about 15 of these things, but I love how they look, and I also got some for my mom to line her walkway as well.

metal star yard stake, 4th of July decor

This flag print letter is a DIY, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I came across a picture on Pinterest that linked to an Etsy store that sells personalized letters, and decided to make my own. I purchased a plain white letter at Michaels, and gave the entire letter a base of satin white acrylic paint. I did this to mask any scuffs or scratches the letter already had, and also so the white stripes would have a satin finish like the rest of the painted areas. If I had left the white stripes as the original white of the letter, it would have had a more matte finish. I used painters tape to tape off the stripes and used clear contact paper to make my own star stickers to use as stencils. Very easy. Very cute. I made one for my mom as well. This is hanging on the house outside our front door.

American flag wooden letter, 4th of July monogram letter

I finished off the front porch with two flags in our flower pots to frame the doorway.

front porch summer decor, American flag decor

Here’s how it all looks together.

4th of July decor

Those are my patriotic summer décor pieces that I will have up roughly until Labor Day. Because we will be hosting a 4th of July cookout this year, I’ll have another post where I share some of my additional party décor. Hope you enjoyed!