About Harbor + Spruce

Hi, and welcome to my blog!

My husband and I moved into our first house together in October of 2016. Though stressful and, at times, an overwhelming undertaking, I was very excited to have our own blank canvas to fill and make into a home.

I’ve always been a pretty crafty person; I would often do projects with my grandma growing up. I’m also very organized and take pride in presentation. So when I began using Pinterest and following other online communities (blogs, Youtube) dedicated to DIYs, décor, and home decorating, I was elated to find so much inspiration and so many projects I couldn’t wait to try. At that time in my life, I was just starting college and living at home with my parents, so my DIY décor was mostly limited to my bedroom. Now, I’m very lucky and happy to have my own, larger space to work in and really personalize.

My aspirations for this blog are to showcase home décor, share DIYs and decorating tips for everyday as well as seasonally and for holidays, and mostly just contribute to a community that has really helped spark my love for home décor. I wish to offer any inspiration and/or helpful advice through my posts. I’m also always looking for new ideas and projects, so a huge goal for me is to be able to communicate, share, and learn new things through my work on this blog.

I’m excited to finally be hosting a creative outlet for my hobbies, and I hope you enjoy!

Cady Gorbet Profile

My name is Cady. I have a bachelor’s degree in English. My interests include DIY projects, home décor, lifestyle, photography, movies, and I am very family oriented. I wouldn’t consider myself to be inherently creative, but I love creating things. If I see something I like, I’ll try to make it on my own because I feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that I created something with my own two hands. Even if I’m just arranging pieces I buy or setting up décor in a new space, I like knowing I contributed to making something more beautiful and more my own style.

I’m very organized and a bit of a perfectionist. I’m a homebody and love working on projects around the house. I also really enjoy setting up pieces and scenes around the home to photograph. I would describe my style as pretty simple and traditional. I don’t care too much for clutter or things that are very kitschy. I like to keep things fairly neutral and natural paired with rustic elements. I can be pretty specific with my style, but I know what I like when I see it, so I’m always looking for new projects and ideas. This blog will really reflect my interests and style, and I can’t wait to share my own projects and inspiration with you.